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Antarctic Press is hosting the kickstarter campaign for Gold Digger's Gold Brick 3 over at.

I just wanted to thank everyone for contributing to the success of that campaign.

It's been quite a long time since that book was available.

Oh, and if your interested in the project or it's push goals, peruse the article to find out more.


Fred Perry
United States
Current Residence: San Antonio
Favourite style of art: manga, anime

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Alan26 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Derpy idea.... but decided to build a small mod using the Aurora Toolset engine to build a small rpg based off of the Jade Realm. Anybody got any idea what's a good place to do research aside from the comics?
Alan26 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Just like to say thank you to Fred Perry. i'm sure he gets this alot but it kind of holds a special palce in my heart that his works rekindled the writter in me and the comic fanboy that has long been dead to life. No thanks to Hurricane Aaron did i lose my stash of comics and especially my Gold Digger comics was I sad I couldn't catch up to the story till recently this month when a friend sent me to a site with some unique manga style till I realized. "Holy Crap there is a god!"

Rereading this has given me inspiration to repursue a dream of writing I long forgotten after deciding to work hard in my government job and  got to say the days I've read this missed my own days pushing that pencil or well now keys on a keyboard. Anyways thanks Mr. Perry for everything.
TakuoSwipe Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Writer
hey Mr. Perry just wondering are you guys going to do a kickstarter for your original how to draw books.
TFcommando Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
Fred, are you going to be at Comic-Con this year?
ryutuisen Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Whats up ? Just working tonight again in my Hospital when suddenly one Questions pops out . Wouldnt be it nice if theyre would be Pvc Figures from your Characters like Gina, Brit and co.? I mean taht would be total rat. I could even think taht it would make an good kickstarterproject. So i let taht idea here in the room. Hope ya will read it :3
mikehollowhead Featured By Owner 1 day ago
any and all GD statue's are allredy on mah list of GD stuff that hasent been made but is allready ordered through mah local book store.(along side playing card's,functional peebo's,etc)
ryutuisen Featured By Owner 1 day ago
ooohhhhh wanna have some peebos ^^
mikehollowhead Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
let there be peebo's fer the massess!
midnight205 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 5, 2014
I watched Fate/Zero on Netflix for the 1st time. And a comic I was obsessed with as a kid came to mind and the artist I was obsessed with as well. I am positive Legacy aspired that anime. haha Loved that book by the way have all but issue #2 and was psyched about 2nd inheritance. Not to get all nostalgic on you but, I just want to say I love your books and look forward to getting back into them as an adult...
adamnorde583 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 5, 2014  Professional General Artist
YEAH!! um... ignore that last text!!

but, i really, sincerely do consider you a dear friend!!
and a great teacher.

sorry for the inconvenience!

your budsky and all-time mega-fan
and eternal student:

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